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Setup Business Offshore Entities

We have many years of experience with assisting our customer with setting up buisnesses in the United States.

Based on the type of entity you'd like to setup, it's best to contact us to provide more information about your business and what your goals are in setting up an entity here in the United States.

Business Development & Outsourcing Strategies

In today’s competition business environment, a strong strategic understanding must be the goal of every organization. Organizations that remain competitive over a long period have vision that adapts to the changing world of today.

Business Sparkle strategic process and successful global networking can help organizations achieve their visions. Our insightful understanding of current and future market needs combined with our global market knowledge will be our key to assist our clients build proper tasks and goals. There are customers with needs to develop stronger business networks to either help them increase the number or suppliers, optimize their costs, and/or increase their business markets. Our connections with many global companies enable us to assist our customers in these matters.

Global Business Facilitation

International Expansion, Structure/Restructure businesses, Global business strategies

Branding or Rebranding

Business naming strategy and identity development

Business Development

Market analysis & feasibility, Business development strategies, and Continuous management analysis

VIP Special Events

One of our most sought after services. We have events that are not sold to the public and are by invitation only. These VIP private special events are exclusive and seats are always limited and goes quickly.

Due to different events having specific requirements from the attendees, we are not allowed to display this online and must talk to the person directly.

Contact us now to get more detail information.

Information Technology & Web Consulting Services

IT infrastructure and data management is crucial in every company’s success. To control the data flow and data integrity to each department and/or entities within an organization will improve the overall performance and efficiency by giving them necessary information for daily decision making strategies.

Our global IT consulting team can provide your company assistance to improve or add on to your existing IT infrastructure to serve the needs of your organization. We have architects, designers, and programmers worldwide and in different industry who provides us the latest in technology for certain marketplace.

Professional Design

Based on your needs, our design team will use the latest design trends to ensure the design is up to modern standards

Custom App Development

Buisness requirement analysis, building specifications, deliver application

Clean Code

Reusability, scalability and test driven

About us

Our Company

Business Sparkle LLC, is a global consulting firm which serves clients in North America, Europe, and Asia to assist them with the ever changing facets of the international markets. We established ourselves to help our clients solve the toughest problems with services in their business entities by providing strategies and methods, organizational changes, operations, marketing, and information technology.

One of our major success is in our customized Software development sector. Our in-depth knowledge of our customer's daily operational needs provided a solid platform for our IT team to architect and build software solutions for our clients to make their organization effective and compete with the technology intensive global market today.

Our mission is to provide our clients with flexible business services that help them to become a leader in in their industry.

Business Sparkle primary services include market feasibility studies, business plans, operational reviews, re-engineering (IT plan & e-Marketing plan), and strategic planning.

Business Development


Business Networking


Web Design


Custom Application Development


Our Vision, Values, and People

Our Vision

To achieve success at Business Sparkle, we established our visions
  •   People - Providing a working environment for our people to be creative and inspired to be the best.
  •   Profit - To maximize the return of our clients by giving them the most with what they have invested.
  •   Players - Becoming the major players and representatives for our clients in thier respective markets or industry.
  •   Planet - Our people will be social responsible in all methodologies used as strategies for our company and clients.

Our Values

With our visions, our shared values will be followed within the company and as individuals
  •   Leadership - "Courage to change our company and our client's destiny to become better in their markets"
  •   Integrity - "Honest and modest"
  •   Responsibility - "If it needs to be done, we find a way to get it done"
  •   Quality - "Full effort and meeting all expectations"
  •   Passion and Creativity - "Become the best at what you are doing using your mind and soul"

Our People

We understand that people determine the success of any business

Every consultant at Business Sparkle are passionate and enthusiastic to help our clients in their everyday challenges. Our team of experienced professionals, disciplined and dedicated to meet our client's expectations and goals will bring us satisfaction as our client's success is our mission.

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